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DVFA Foundation
Thank you for visiting YOUR Foundation's web page. The DVFA Foundation was created to support the charitable activities of the Delaware Fire Service. The foundation's members are the DVFA, LADVFA and the three county associations. Representatives from each of these organizations conduct the affairs of the Foundation along with two independent "outside directors". The DVFA Foundation is an independent non-profit Delaware corporation. The Foundation is a 501(c) (3) tax exempt designation under the Internal Revenue Code. The following justification statement was filed with the IRS.

The DVFA Foundation (the "Foundation") was formed to improve fire safety in the State of Delaware through support of local fire safety organizations. Currently, all of the Foundation's activities will consist of seeking contributions from members of the fire safety organizations located in Delaware and providing funding and assistance to various organizations involved in the fire service in Delaware. Because the majority of the fire service in Delaware is volunteer, the Foundation is lessening the burden of government by providing additional assistance to the fire service.

As the Foundation develops, it will continue to raise funds to support the local fire safety organizations. The Foundation will also provide support in the form of monetary contributions to the Delaware Volunteer Firemen's Association (the "DVFA") for the DVFA Scholarship program that encourages the recruitment and retention of volunteer firefighters within the State of Delaware. Further, the Foundation intends to provide assistance to members and families of those involved in the Delaware fire service, if needed to respond to the injury, illness or death of a member of the Delaware fire service.

The Foundation will continue the charitable endeavors of the DVFA, through fundraising and contributions to 501(c) (3) organizations that benefit the fire service in Delaware. Finally, in the event that significant events in the United States affect members of the fire service and their families, such as September 11, 2001, the Foundation may conduct fundraising and contribute the funds raised to those charitable organizations providing support to those in need.

The Foundation will initially be supported by contributions made by those associated with the fire service in Delaware. To date, all contributions have been made by individuals affiliated in some way with the Delaware Volunteer Firemen's Association. No literature has yet been developed for seeking further financial support from the general public.

The Foundation meets at least twice per year. Meetings are open to all members of the fire service and other persons interested in supporting the charitable mission of the Foundation.

None of the members of the board of directors or officers receive compensation for their services to the Foundation. Ms. Noel and her firm donate legal services without charge

The Foundation's accounts are audited by an independent CPA firm. The Foundation's financial reports will be distributed following the annual audit. Questions regarding any aspect of Foundation activity may be directed to the Chairman. The Foundation's official mailing address is:

DVFA Foundation
PO Box 1849
Dover, DE. 19903

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