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# 38  wayne Lambert August 26, 2013
Location:  NEW CASTLE, Delaware USA
Department:  MFC STA.22
Comments:  I wanted to thank the young firefighters for a job well done. I would like to ask that we take a minute to think about and thank the older members of our companies. As we grow the day will come, when we are the older members hopefully being thanked by the younger members!We are family.Thank You! Joe Hojnicki

# 37  Alex Dias June 2, 2013
Location:  Clayton, DE
Comments:  My wife had a Medical Emergency on Friday afternoon, 5/31/13. The professionalism and medical knowledge of the crew on duty was outstanding. Today she is doing fine!. Thanks so much.....

Councilmen, Alex Dias

# 36  James May 16, 2013
Website:  http://explained4u.nl/gezondheid/voetschimmel.html
Comments:  this site gives a good look inside your job. Respect for everything you do.

# 35  Brandon May 10, 2013
Website:  http://explained4u.nl/gezondheid/voetschimmel.html
Comments:  We are proud of you and wish you alll the best in the future!

# 34  Bruce Dane April 17, 2013
Location:  USA
Website:  http://tekenbeet.webklik.nl
Comments:  We thank you for all the info we can find on this wonderful website. We will enjoy the next parade!!

# 33  Angela April 9, 2013
Website:  http://www.pfliving.nl
Comments:  We are impressed by all the things you do! Already looking forward to the next parade!!

# 32  Mark Daniels January 24, 2013
Website:  http://www.vakantieverlangen.nl/vakantieveiling
Comments:  The last parade i was there! It made quite an impression on me! Keep up the good work!!!!!

# 31  Douglas Scott December 27, 2012
Location:  Bethany Beach, Delaware USA
Department:  Bethany Beach VFC - EMS
Website:  http://www.bethanybeachfire.com
Comments:  Bethany Beach VFC is hiring (1) full-time FF/EMT. Go to bethanybeachfire.com for information. Applications close 1/15/2013.

# 30  Christina Boatman December 13, 2012
Location:  Wilmington, DE USA
Comments:  I am writing in regards of Jon Richardville who saved my life 24 yrs ago only wearing a helmet he used to break the glass doors...I am wondering if he is ok...If he can he can reach me at 302 723 2433...or email me at [email protected]

# 29  Bernd Janse November 15, 2012
Website:  http://waterpokken.webklik.nl
Comments:  Looking forward to the next parade! Greetings to all!!

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