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Delaware Fire Service Pension Plan
Delaware Volunteer Firemen & Ladies Auxiliary Members are all eligible to receive a pension for their service to their company and the State of Delaware. The Pension Plan is administered by the State of Delaware. The eligibility to receive a years credit for the pension plan are guided by each individual company as far as how you qualify, however the following guidelines are followed by all Companies:

    Members must be determined to be an "Actively Participating" member.

    Members with less then 10 years of pension credit can be removed by their respective fire company's roles based on the individual qualifications of the fire company.

    Members with 10 years in the Pension Plan or more are determined to be vested and cannot be removed from the company's pension role.

    The maximum number of years credit is 25.

Payment into the plan works as follows:

    Each fire company pays into the pension plan a determined amount yearly for each member they place on the pension roles.

    Each individual member on the roles is responsible to pay a small yearly fee to receive credit for the year. Some companies pay this amount for the members.

To receive a Pension:

    The individual must have reached their 60th birthday and have a minimum of 10 years in the pension.

The individual receives a pension payment monthly based on the total amount of years of pension credit earned.

Contact your fire company representative for more information or:

    Office of Pensions
    McArdle Building
    860 Silver Lake Boulevard, Suite 1
    Dover, DE 19904-2402

    Phone toll free 800-722-7300

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