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Gov. Markel Signs SB 6 - Leg Hall Dover

Sunday, March 8, 2020
On March 26, 2009 with officers of the DVFA and the news media present Gov. Jack Markel signed into law SB 6 the updated flashing Light Law for fire responders responding to the fire station or to an alarm. The bill added non factory wig wag lights to the law as well as the depurty fire chief of a fire department. It also defined the chief engineer for a fire department.

Gov. Markel Addressing the Group
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Gov. Markel Thanking the Legislative Group in Attendance
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Senator Bruce Ennis Addressing the Group
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DVFA Presidnet Jones Looking On
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Rep. Bob Walls Addressing the Gropup
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Rep. Brad Bennett Addressing the Group
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Gov. Markel Signing the Bill Into Law
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DVFA President Jones Talking to WHYY
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