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DVFA Unveils 9 Names on the Memorial - Dover

Sunday, March 8, 2020
After the June 13, 2010 DVFA Executive Meeting 9 names were unveiled at the memorial located on Park Drive in Dover. The names of 9 City of Wilmington Firefighters who ahve died in the line of duty over the years and who's names had been left off the memorial. By the research of FF John Porter of the WFD he was able to determine that FF George A. Rogerson, FF George T. Crockett, FF John S. Wadsley, FF Robert H. Graham, FF Damiel F. McGranary, FF Charles H. Fullerton, FF Arthur A. Veal, S. FF Michael J. Kirlin, Sr., and FF Smith R. Simpkins had died in the line of duty from injuries occured while a Wilmington Firefighter.

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