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Coronavirus COVID-19 Best Practices

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

General Recommendations 

  1. Follow State of Delaware recommendations on gatherings of not more than 50 people.
  2. Cancel all unnecessary meetings.
  3. Use conference calls for those smaller committee meetings.  The DVFA Conference call system is available for any fire company to use.  You will need to coordinate this through the Executive Manager.
  4. Limit or stop all public visitors to your fire stations.
  5. Have your members practice proper hand washing procedures.
  6. Insure you have adequate hand washing supplies
  7. Keep your bay doors closed to prevent random public intrusions
  8. Practice social distancing
  9. Have your buildings cleaned or disinfected on a regular basis.
  10. Monitor daily the updates on this pandemic.
  11. Make sure you document all and any events involving calls for this virus.  You will need to document run number, date, time and location as well as people involved.
  12. Since this is a State and Federal declared emergency there is chance that you will be reimbursed for any cost you incur.  You will need to document, items, usage, hours your volunteers put in and extra hours your career staff worked.  Make copies of receipts.  Set up a specific file or folder for these expenses.  Document the names of your members and staff who were involved.

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