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Howard H. Foulk

Born:  Unknown

LODD: 9/13/1890

Burial:  Riverview Cemetery, Wilmington, Delaware

Fire Company:  Delaware #3, Wilmington Volunteers

Howard H Foulk, the one-time tillerman for the Delaware Fire Company met with a tragic death around 6 p.m. on Saturday September 13, 1890.  It had been discovered that the bottom portion of the 80 foot ladder had been cracked.  A committee of the Delaware Fire Company had the truck pulled to the front of the station for inspection, with every intent to send the apparatus to Elmira, New York for repairs if necessary.  Foulk, who was advised not to climb the ladder, proceeded to do so anyway.  At the 60 foot mark, the ladder buckled on the side of the crack and Foulk fell to the ground with the shattered ladder as horrified bystanders looked on.  Wilson's Ambulance was summoned and Foulk was transported to Delaware Hospital where he died around 8:30 p.m.  He was 31 years of age.  A funeral service will take place on Tuesday at the home of a relative named Baylis on Market Street in the Ninth Ward.  The Delaware Fire Company plans to attend.

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