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Joseph P. Lacy

Born:  1890

LODD:  12/21/1943

Burial:  Cathedral Cemetery, Wilmington, Delaware

Fire Company:  New Castle Air Force Base Fire Department

Firefighter Joseph Patrick Lacy died of a heart attack while on duty as a civilian firefighter at the New Castle County Air Base Fire Station on December 21, 1943.  He was 53 years of age.  Joseph retired from the City of Wilmington Fire Department in 1942 after more than 20 years of service.  Prior to joining the Wilmington Fire Department as a paid firefighter, Joseph was a member of the Weccacoe Volunteer Company that served the city during the volunteer years.  Joe was known by basketball fans all over for the span of 1909 - 1922.   He held what was regarded as a world record of 29 field goals in one game during the 1916-1917 season where he played with South Side Eden champions.  He played in several other championship teams, including the Maryland Division quintet, the Motive Power League- champions of the Pennsylvania Railroad.  Mr. Lacy completed his career with the Defiance AA, which represented Wilmington in the foremost ranks of the court sport.  He was also a member of the Wilmington Turners and BPOE Elks.  Surviving are his wife Mrs. Ana Skelley Lacy, his son Joseph Francis (of the Wilmington Bureau of Fire like his father and also a noted athlete), five sisters a brother and two grandchildren, all of Wilmington.  

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