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John M. Pridemore

Chief John M. Pridemore of the Clayton Fire Company, age 54, died in the line of duty on March 8, 2022 from injuries sustained in a fall while conducting clean up duties at the Clayton Fire Company station.  Chief Pridemore joined the Clayton Fire Company in 1991, stating that he “wanted to serve the community he lived in”.  In addition to the office of Fire Chief, he served in many other capacities with the Clayton Fire Company, including Secretary, Vice President and President.  He also served as Fire Lieutenant, Fire Captain, First Assistant Chief and Deputy Chief.  John M. Pridemore was elected Chief of the Clayton Fire Company in 2021, a position he held at the time of his death.  John M. Pridemore was elected President of the Kent County Volunteer Firefighter’s Association in 2013 and was a Third Degree Mason with Harmony Lodge #13 in Smyrna, Delaware.  Chief Pridemore served his country in the Delaware National Guard as a Military Police Officer and was employed as the Town of Clayton Town Manager.  He was survived by his wife Kimberly, daughter Amanda, son Michael and granddaughter Sadie.  

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