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Sunday, March 8, 2020
Any changes to your State or County Delegates and Alternates list needs to be sent to the DVFA office and your county assoc. secretary . Reminder fire company's annual statements are due within 60 days of your fire companies end of physical year. This report is sent to the Delaware State Fire Prevention Commission. February 12th is the Joint Finance Committee Hearing at Leg. Hall at 11:30 am. Fire companies pension completion and payments are due by February 15th DVFA Executive Meeting is March 11th at the Delaware State Fire School DVFA scholarship information is due the end of March. All forms are on the website CFSI Dinner Washington DC April 19th FDIC (Indianapolis) in April is approaching, your plans for that should be made soon. The Delaware Block Rooms are for the Sheraton Downtown. The contact is: 888.763.7236 or [email protected] We want to thank WSTW/WDEL for supporting our active Firefighters, saluting them in the 2016-2017 calendars. The $2,500.00 donation will be used to purchase smoke detectors in our State.

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